Joint Proclamation
of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors
and the Fresno City Council

Designating 1991 as a Special Time of Our Lives
To Remember and Honor the Writings left to the Human Race
By Fresno's native son Humanitarian, Author and Playwright


Story teller William Saroyan was born in Fresno on August 31, 1908. He died in his hometown ten years ago on May 18, 1981, at age 72. He grew up here; sold newspapers on the streets; delivered telegrams; attended school and learned about life. He wanted passionately to be a writer, became one and achieved worldwide recognition for his short stories, novels and plays. Saroyan wrote well. Well enough to win a Pulitzer Prize (which he refused to accept) for his play, "The Time of Your Life." Three sentences from his preface to that play tell much about Mr. Saroyan.

Saroyan was totally human and could - and - did laugh at himself..

During the ten years since his passing, Saroyan's friends and admirers have sought ways to honor his works and preserve his memory. That is quite fitting and proper, as is the further recognition which will be bestowed upon him this year. There will be a premiere of Fresno photographer Writer/Director Paul Kalinian and his daughter Producer, Susie Kalinian's new documentary film, "William Saroyan: The Man, The Writer;" Saroyan's distinctive portrait photographed by Kalinian, will appear on commemorative stamps both in the United States and the U.S.S.R; the Fresno Metropolitan Museum will dedicate a permanent exhibit depicting Fresno's early 20th century history as captured by Saroyan's words, artifacts and photos; and the Eighth Annual William Saroyan Festival will be held during the month of May.

During his life, William Saroyan lived in many places, but he always came home - probably because:

Bill… "Willie"… William Saroyan wanted to be remembered for his writings. The undersigned believe that even Saroyan, after 10 years, would indulge us a bit if we add a little hoopla as we share with our community, our country and the world in proclaiming 1991 as a time to recall and commemorate the good and lasting works of our friend and treasured chronicler.


For The City of Fresno

Hon. Karen Humphrey, Mayor
Craig Sharton
Tom MacMichael
Les Kimber - Tom Bohigian
Chris Petersen - Rod Anaforian

For The County of Fresno

Hon. Deran Koligian, Chairman
of the Board of Supervisors
Sharon Levy
Doug Vagim
Judy Andreen
Vernon Conrad

February 12, 1991